Petit compte rendu de la conférence de Team Makamic à l'école primaire Terry Fox de Pierrefonds

Pour l'instant nous n'avons pas de photos pour vous, Nous nous devons de préserver l'identité des enfants d'ici à ce que nous aillons les permissions d'usage pour utilisation sur le web. 

Je me permettrai donc pour l'instant que de partager ce premier message reçu ce matin de Madame Lucy Rinaldi professeurs d'anglais et initiatrice du projet.

Alors voiçi !!!

Hi Francois

Just want to let you know that all went SUPER well for the presentation today at school.  Julie and Denis did a FABULOUS job.  There was a lot of time, thought and preparation in their presentation. 

We all learned a lot about mushing!  The dogs were wonderful! 

Julie is a natural in front of a group, and Denis, although the quieter one of the team, also connected well with the audience. 

From an educator's point of view, I believe that Denis and Julie have something special to contribute to students across the levels.  I highly recommend that they broaden their contacts and plan to visit more schools. 

Thank you, Francois, for your efforts to make this happen.  I speak not only for myself, but for all the teachers present in expressing our appreciation for Julie and Denis' visit to Terry Fox School. 

I believe that Mrs. Hall is planning to send you some pictures and I'm going to give myself a few days to get in the frame of mind to write an article about the presentation.  When it's done and I'm satisfied with it, I will send you a copy. 

All the best, with appreciation,
Ms. Lucy

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